About Us

Founder and Director

Amy Found

Sunscreen founder Amy FoundHaving fulfilled several professional aspirations, I am finally where I was always  destined to be. I have danced professionally  around the world, lived and worked away with  Emirates Airlines, taught at primary and  secondary schools across Australia and  actively built a successful allied health business from the ground up.

Always being a sun lover and admittedly  getting burnt to a crisp more often than I care  to remember, my favourite memories are of  boating and Rottnest and long beach days...

So, what is my why? Long summers, tan  lines,  burnt skin, ageing faces, melanoma  coming way too close to home, my inspiring parents, our dying oceans ecosystems, reducing single use plastics and the next generation. The name ‘Found My Skin’ is a nod to the history of product development and mentorship in my dad but also a metaphor for loving the skin you are in.

I think I have finally Found My Skin!

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Support Team

John Found – Chemist

Found My Skin zinc sunscreenJohn has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for over 45 years. In 1996 he pioneered natural active sunscreens  and has been responsible for the formulation  of some of the world's leading sunscreen  brands. John and Leanne Preston were the  founders of Wild Child Laboratories, which  has become one of Australia's most  successful contract manufacturers of boutique sunscreen in Australia. John’s  technical and regulatory skills ensure that  Found My Skin is fully compliant with local  and overseas regulations and that all of the  safety and efficacy standards are met.



Leanne Preston – Strategic Marketing

founder business manufacturing quit nits Wildchild pharmaceuticals natural

Leanne started her business life as the inventor and founder of Quit Nits head lice products in 1997. She was joined by John Found shortly afterwards and they built their business, Wild Child together over the next two decades until they retired in 2020. Their joint career resulted in the construction and commissioning of one of Australia’s newest, state of the art, TGA and FDA licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Catering to government pharmaceutical supplies they also continued with the manufacturer of personal care products which included sunscreens and hair care. Leanne’s marketing skills included the personal account management of some of the world s largest pharmaceutical companies and retailers such as CVS, Right Aid, Walgreen, Walmart, AS Watson, Boots, Woolworths, Coles and Endeavour Consumer Health. Leanne was also responsible for brand development of Wild Child's own Quit Nits which became Australia's No 1 selling head lice brand.

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