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The Plastic Epidemic

The Plastic Epidemic

So it’s plastic free July, amazing, it sure is a great kick up the ‘you know what’ to make some better choices around single use plastics. The truth is though, we need to be doing this more, every day not just in July. The good news is that it is becoming easier with plastic free brands popping up, alternative options being produced and the banning of some of the biggest culprits (I'm looking at you plastic bags) coming into action by proactive governments. Unfortunately though, at the rate our governments are moving, our Earth will be drowning in plastic before those changes make a meaningful difference. Here is why we care so much about being plastic free…

Some Scary Stats:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.
  • The level of microplastics in our oceans is set to grow 50-fold by the end of the century, raising the risk of widespread extinction of marine life.
  • 700 species have already been affected by concerning levels by plastics.
  • Plastic never goes away, it photodegrades and breaks down into smaller pieces eventuating in a toxic dust that gets consumed by our food chain and affects our ability to grow food.
  • People’s livelihood and wellbeing are diminished by plastic pollution.
  • Plastic can only be recycled once before the polymers are too weak to recycle effectively, resulting in landfill for hundreds of years.
  • Plastic is produced from planet warming fuels (gas, oil and coal).
  • Plastic disposal centers are overwhelmed, creating the mismanagement of waste, resulting in ocean dumping.


What Can We Do?

  1. Wean yourself off disposable plastics.
  2. Never buy bottled water.
  3. Buy from bulk supermarkets.
  4. Avoid products with microbeads and silicones.
  5. Support the ban of single use plastics.
  6. Put pressure on brands and manufacturers by purchasing plastic free whenever you can.

Each of us has the power to make a difference. We don’t need a few perfectly plastic free people (although… go them!) We need millions of people who are making small changes to make a difference. Let’s make a difference team!

Amy x

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