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How Natural Is "all natural"? - Really

Written By: Amy Found

Hey Beauties!

OK this is a long one, but stick around it's important. I am here to tell you NOT to buy into marketing buzz words and they are rife in the SPF game... I'll give you some examples; "100% natural", "endocrine disrupters", "chemical fillers", "nasties", "harmful" the list goes on.

Many personal care products claim to be "all natural". Unfortunately not many of them are and even so, what is the fascination with so called "chemical free", when actually even water is... a chemical. Marketing buzz words cause confusion and certainly have a lot to answer for! By definition natural is "an unprocessed chemical occurring in a natural environment" so by definition all products would fail the "natural " test and for good reason. Without the chemical changes, they would quite simply be unsafe to use.

There is a common misconception that if an ingredient name is long and unpronounceable it must be a "dangerous chemical", WRONG! For example a medium chain triglyceride is also known as coconut oil and d-alpha tocopherol acetate is also known as vitamin E. So we can give these chemicals natural sounding names in order to give off natural vibes or we can call them by their scientific name. But at the end of the day they are all NATURALLY DERIVED CHEMICALS that have gone through further chemical change in order to pass TGA approval and remain safe to use. 

You get the picture right? Chemicals are not the enemy and nothing is actually as natural as some people would have you believe. I'll leave you with this... beware of buzz words, always ask yourself what someone has to gain by using them against other products. Do not immediately assume an ingredient is "nasty" because you can't say it or eat it and finally, read sensationalist content with caution.

Before I go, I want to assure you that Found My Skin uses mineral zinc to form a physical barrier rather than "chemical UV filters" but the difference is just personal choice. 

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