5 Reasons You Need Sunscreen in Winter

5 Reasons You Need Sunscreen in Winter

Autumn is here so why would we need SPF?

Ok so it's official - summer is over but that does not mean we stop looking after our biggest (and prettiest) organ. It is well documented that we should wear an SPF on our face ALL YEAR ROUND. How nice is it when you catch a glimpse of Winter sun on your face while going about your business? So nice in-fact that it makes you want to linger just a bit... Here are 5 reasons why you need to wear FMS Mineral SPF EVERY DAY!

  1. When UV index is 3 or higher, it only takes 10 minutes to do permanent irreversible skin damage. Our baby in blue is the fountain of youth in a pretty and eco friendly tube!
  2. Our SPF50+ contains iron oxide tint which evens complexion without a make-up look. Winning!
  3. Did you know that blue light from phones and computer screens ages our skin just like the sun? Physical sunscreen (as opposed to chemical sunscreens) are proven to reduce the effects of blue light by 80% Mind. Blown.
  4. Melanoma - so this is stating the obvious but needs to be said... protect your face and your kids faces all year round to reduce the chances of developing one of the deadliest cancers. By far the most important point.
  5. Hero ingredient Kakadu Plum makes it a multi-purpose moisturiser/primer. A perfectly matte product to use under or instead of make-up.You won't regret it!

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