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3 Ingredients To Avoid

So we’ve already had the great natural fallacy debate. So, what “chemicals” or additives should we actually be aware of? Well, that is a loaded question and there are a LOT of scare tactics out there. The last thing I want to do is add to the noise and confusion… So I have compiled a small list of 3 ingredients that I choose to avoid in products for my own personal reasons.

1. Silicones

Silicones are added for a very good reason, they temporarily make your skin (and hair) appear smooth, shiny, healthy and plump. BUT there are no long-term benefits to silicones. In fact, they create a film over the skin trapping in impurities and dirt which can eventually lead to breakouts and encourage blackheads. This build up can be really hard to remove. Furthermore, silicones are non-biodegradable and last longer in the environment than even plastics. Over time, they build up and create a sludge in our waterways that lasts for 100s of years.

2. SLS – Sodium Laurel Sulphates

Think car wash, floor cleaners, engine degreasers AND 90% of foaming skin care products. Eye damage, depression, labored breathing, diarrhea, and skin irritations are some of the scary sounding, listed possible side effects. To be honest all that sounds like mega scare tactics to me. Since most of us have been using them for decades in our soap with no noticeable problems… or are there? However, one thing that is relevant and noticeable to everyone, is that they are terribly drying on all skin types. Cue the post shower tightness. They actually change the structure of the skin protein and accelerate sun damage and ageing! So, it’s a firm NO from me.

3. Fragrances

Ok, this one is a little controversial. We all love to put on a fancy moisturiser that makes us smell like a pina colada and I do love pina coladas! However, it is one of the main reasons for reactions and skin irritations especially in facial products. My opinion is, stay away from synthetic fragrance around the face and neck to avoid the irritations. BUT it you want your legs to smell like a pina colada then go for it! Be aware though that some synthetic fragrances contain phthalates and parabens which have been given some bad publicity. The media have concerns around endocrine and reproductive health as well as being suspected carcinogens.

There is so much noise out there regarding cosmetic ingredients and what is and isn’t “clean”. We urge you to read only peer reviewed and research backed articles. Remember, everything else found on the internet is simply someone’s opinion, including this blog.

Our aim when creating our products was to get the best blend of skin loving ingredients. We also needed ingredients that are necessary for the safety and easy application of the product. Such as a natural preservative to avoid dangerous bacteria and mould developing (more on that soon).

We also made a commitment to be environmentally mindful. This includes choosing ingredients that won’t leave an environmental impact long after we’ve washed the product off.

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